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Clear Acrylic Display Case

clear acrylic display case

The clear acrylic display case is one of the most popular types of store displays. These cases are typically made from 1/8″ thick crystal clear acrylic, which is highly durable. They also protect collectibles from damage and can be easily cleaned. The rollover look gives this case an aesthetically pleasing appearance. They can be used for a variety of purposes, including displaying small items, storing memorabilia, and even housing precious merchandise.

Clear Acrylic Display Case: The Samurai Way

The best acrylic display cases are made from high-quality, 1/8″ crystal clear acrylic. They can help protect your collectibles from scratches and damage. They can also make your items stand out more than other types of displays. This type of case is designed with less seams and a black pebble finish ABS Plastic base. The top and bottom of the case have a 1-inch-high lip around the perimeter, which prevents the cover from sliding off and causing damage to your valuable items.

This type of plastic display case is lightweight and durable. It’s also shatter-proof, making it a great choice for retail environments. While some acrylic display cases are made with a plastic dust cover, they’re also available with metal risers. This is another benefit of using acrylic, as it filters out more ultraviolet light than glass. In addition to a solid platform, these cases are easy to clean and don’t damage surfaces.