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Bill Peterson

Bill Peterson is a pseudo-name for a writer and card shark who composes under a few nom de plumes on a wide assortment of subjects. Bill has been around horse dashing for a long time. He has possessed and prepped race ponies that hustled on the New England circuit in the United States. He has additionally worked in race track exposure and as a race track host.

Bill can follow the pony hustling underlying foundations of his family back to Cornwall England in the hours of the Saxons and afterward to Ireland lastly the United States. As he puts it, “Pony dashing is in my blood.”

His conventional way to deal with impeding and betting have earned him the regard of numerous individuals.

“Betting and playing the ponies can be fun and testing, yet like such a large number of other human interests, it can likewise turn into a fixation. I alert all individuals who purchase my data and who seek after impeding to keep it all in context and on the off chance that it begins to mess up your life, quit, regardless of whether that implies discovering help to do that.

Betting professionally is a hard life and not extremely exciting for the vast majority of us who attempt it. There are a great deal of simpler and less unpleasant approaches to get by. In this manner, I suggest you keep it a charming diversion. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you do it as a pastime or as a profession, utilizing a decent framework will assist you with doing a superior activity. There are no assurances throughout everyday life, except a precise methodology is quite often the most ideal approach to complete a vocation.”