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Agressive tire for truck – Choosing the Right Tires

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Agressive tire for truck are a great idea as long as you are using them correctly. If you have a stock tire, then you are simply trying to get the most performance for your dollar. If you have a stock size tire and you install aggressive rims, you are going to be wasting money by not getting the maximum amount of traction for your investment. You will also waste time trying to get the car to stop and accelerate. Not only will your gas tank to be full but your engine will have trouble starting because of lugging around too much rubber.

Agressive tire for truck – The Basics

The most aggressive truck tires often require a specific mounting system. Your tires must be mounted very low to the ground to maximize aerodynamics and drag. If you do not have this kind of system, then it is extremely difficult to mount these tires because you will not get the lift that is needed to properly mount these tires.

Another reason that aggressive truck tires are not necessarily the best choice is that they tend to wear more quickly than stock tires would. Stock truck tires need to have relatively thin air pockets in order to help protect the rotors from damage. If you install stock tires and have them mounted too high, you can expect the tires to wear out faster because the air pockets will not protect the rotors from cracking or chipping. If you are going to be driving the truck in extreme conditions, you might as well choose something a little more durable.

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