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An Overview of the Temporary Foreign Worker Program – The Talented Stream

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talent stream

The Global Talent Stream helps innovative companies in Canada with an easier way to hire qualified and often foreign talent when permanent residents or Canadian citizens are unavailable and assist approved companies recruit and employ the highly skilled and specialized international talent they require to expand by offering quicker and more affordable options. By locating international job sites on The Global Talent Stream, companies have access to a database of qualified candidates who may be available to work in Canada. Candidates can register with the site and upload their resumes for free, which makes it easy for companies to view profiles and contact them. Through networking opportunities with other international talent, companies are able to find skilled workers from across the world.


The Global Talent Stream was created to fulfill two major needs that are common to many different immigration programs. First, it was designed to address the needs of employers who are looking to fill skill gaps in their organizations by allowing them to quickly tap into a pool of highly educated workers. Secondly, it was designed to provide a streamlined and cost-effective solution for spouses and family members who are seeking temporary residence in Canada. The program is targeted at people looking to enter into either employment or travel opportunities in Canada. It does not target workers or family members who plan to settle permanently in Canada


To meet the goals of the Global Talent Stream, Canadian employers need to determine their unique requirements. The program does not assess these requirements per se, but rather uses a unique application process that asks a series of questions that relate to the applicant’s experience, education and language skills as well as their intention to remain in Canada after their period of stay ends. As the system has been established to meet specific objectives, it is important to remember that only Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents can participate. Therefore, it is important that the details of the program be carefully reviewed to ensure that only eligible lias can be accepted into the program.

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