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Biodegradable Confetti

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biodegradable confetti

Biodegradable confetti are a clever collection of festive, decorative, and motivational pieces that gradually break down or degrade on their own without causing much environmental harm. Simply put, it breaks down into the soil without leaving behind anything toxic, unnatural, or dangerous residues. These gifts come in all shapes, sizes, and colors and come in all price ranges, which makes them easily affordable for most any budget. They also make great wedding favors as well as corporate gifts, and can be custom ordered to meet your exact specifications. With this in mind, biodegradable confetti makes a fabulous environmentally friendly alternative to traditional, harmful party favors that often contain toxic materials and chemicals.

The Perfect Alternative to Paper Or Tissue Concessions

There are many different kinds of biodegradable confetti available, and you can have confetti customized with your own name or the birth date of a loved one if you so desire. These convenient, colorful offerings come in a large range of different kinds of materials, such as: paper, cork, jute, cotton, jute thread, recycled plastic, cork, silk, linoleum, paper towels, and more. Whatever kind of material your budget may hold, there will always be a biodegradable confetti mix that will be just right for your special event!

If you are throwing a birthday party, graduation celebration, retirement party, holiday party, bridal or baby shower, anniversary party, or any other celebration, consider using biodegradable confetti to help you celebrate in a safe way. Not only will you be helping to keep our environment clean and healthy, but you will also be helping to prolong the life of the materials used to create your beautiful throw. Throw your poinsettias and handkerchiefs in with the petals so they can dry in the sun, and just keep them around the house to remind you of how much you love and appreciate your friends and family. Whether you are throwing a simple celebration or a much more elaborate one, using biodegradable confetti will make your party or gathering go a lot smoother. Just throw some in the garbage and be done with it!

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