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Home Builders in Melbourne, Australia

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Rosemary Homes is a leading builder in the state of Victoria in Australia, providing a range of home builder services to their clients. They have many plans to offer and have been around since the early nineties, supplying low cost housing. They also offer a variety of styles and designs that will meet with most people’s needs. The company is owned by the Melvyn Bragg and David Jones. See website for more.


Another of the many home builders in Melbourne, they are located at Geelong, which is just a short drive from Melbourne. They are known for building custom homes and creating a sense of community for their clients. They are committed to making every customer’s dream home come to life. They pride themselves on using quality materials and creating homes that last for generations to come. The company is run by Paul Rawlings and Nick Costello.


The last of the great home builders in Melbourne, is called Avjennings. They utilize state of the art building methods to create a high quality of built home. The company specializes in creating environmentally friendly homes and have created some of the most environmentally friendly communities in the state. They provide an array of finished basements, custom decks, and other types of enhancements to create the perfect residence for everyone. Avjennings are located at Belgravia, which is just a short drive away from Melbourne.

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