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Subcontracting Agreements in Romanian Personnel Management

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Agence d’intérim. Romanian personnel recruitment agency is a specialized company that specializes in the process of recruiting professionals from Romania and Moldova. They are mainly recruiting professionals such as civil engineers, construction experts, communication specialists, security personnel, medical practitioners, attorneys, communication specialists and many more professionals. In fact, the main target of their activities is the Romanian Diaspora community and integration into the society of Romanian.


Subcontracting agreement: In order to save money of recruitment and the organization, they usually reach out a multi-nationally contract, covering both the period of recruitment and the period after its completion. A typical contract includes payment in full for the candidate during the recruitment period and on complete payment upon the successful delivery of the job offer to the final candidate. However, if the job offer is not accepted by the candidate then the contract may include a provision to resume the candidate within the agreed period of time, for an additional amount of compensation. This is usually the case if the Romania is not a developed country and the Romanian’s language skills are not up to par.


The scope of work of the company is vast. They cover all the process of recruitment right from sourcing, selection and placement of the candidates to the training of the new recruits and the supervision of their performance during the whole term of employment. They also provide the infrastructure required for the implementation of the program such as the training centers, placement agencies, placement teams, human resource management system, quality assurance systems and accounting systems. In fact, they cover the entire process of the recruitment process including the verification of the documents and the registration of the candidate with the relevant authorities. They also have the expertise and experience to handle any type of recruitment program through the use of various technologies including electronic and internet technologies.

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