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The Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center

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Kenmore Hills Early Learning

Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center in Rockford is a great place to get your children to start school. “A blend of love and play, the balance between education, love and play is maintained.” The center has a special emphasis on music education. There are music therapists who specialize in helping children with disabilities and with sensory processing problems, and they also have a large musical section that is full of instruments and games for children to learn new songs. There is a library of materials to read and explore if you so choose. There is an in-house preschool so you can watch your children learn while you do other things. Click here.

The Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center

Children are encouraged to explore new toys at their new Early Learning Center. There are also large playgrounds where you can let your children run around with other children and keep them busy for the entire day. The Rockford Public Library has several children’s sections to help you find what you need for your family. If you have trouble finding something, they also have a very large children’s section where you can look at books or browse through the many magazines for children. They even have a section devoted to children’s crafts and there are also a reading area and even a large children’s music room with stereo systems and CD players. There is even a television area where you can watch your children learn while they learn!


The Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center is located in the middle of a very large city. There are many wonderful schools close by and your children will feel extremely safe in one of the safest cities in the country. It is also one of the most diverse places to live. If your children are struggling in other areas of life, this is definitely not a bad place to be. The staff there has done a great job of keeping all children comfortable and well-rounded while still maintaining a positive attitude toward the learning experience. You can find out more about the Kenmore Hills Early Learning Center by clicking on the link below.

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