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Tow Truck Service in San Jose

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tow truck service san jose ca

A tow truck service san jose ca can save your day when your car breaks down. From dead batteries to low gas levels, we all know that automobiles can go down on us at any time. Thankfully, there are many local towing services that can help you. Here are just a few to consider. You can call these providers for free over-the-phone price quotes, or you can request an estimate online.

Consider The Following Tips

First Call Towing Service: This company is a trusted name in the San Jose towing industry. The company employs highly trained drivers and offers a variety of services, including flatbed tow trucks and roadside assistance. You can count on them to meet your needs, because they have a 100% customer satisfaction rate. First Call Towing also offers 24-hour service. If you need assistance, contact First Call Towing Service today to schedule a free quote and learn more about how they can help you!

If your car is towed, you’ll want to request a hearing with the San Jose Department of Transportation. The SJPD’s Vehicle Records Unit is located at 201 West Mission Street, near the intersection of San Pedro and Mission Streets. You can make your request in person or via mail, but you must make your request within 10 days of the date you received the notice from the Police Department.

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