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What Are the Different Types of Magnetic Therapy Products?

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magnetic therapy products

Magnetic therapy products are designed to align the body’s meridians, or energy pathways, and promote overall health. They work with the patient’s own body energy to bring about health and wellness. These products include body wraps, jewelry, exercise equipment, stress balls, and more. There is no need to seek medical treatment; the magnetic therapy products are gentle enough for almost anyone to use. Magnetic therapy is becoming one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine today, and many people are using these products for their health and well being.


Bipolar disorder is one of the major categories in which magnetic therapy products are highly recommended. Many people who have been diagnosed with this disorder have found great relief with the use of magnetic therapy products. Those with bipolar find that the use of magnets helps to control their moods and ease some of the symptoms of the disorder. This disorder is the result of an imbalance of brain chemicals; those with this disorder have a shortage of one chemical called serotonin. It is believed that an imbalance in this chemical causes a person to experience unusual highs and lows of emotion, making the person extremely moody and erratic.


Some other disorders for which magnetic therapy products are recommended include chronic pain relief for arthritis, migraine headaches, fibromyalgia, shingles, chemotherapy patients, and more. Magnetic bracelets are designed to help prevent injury and pain in athletes and those who engage in high risk activities. Magnetic jewelry is used for its healing and protection purposes as well; jewelry in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and more are available for purchase. A bipolar magnet is often used in conjunction with other products such as a bipolar muscle relaxer, or a biofeedback machine to maximize results. Magnetic therapy products are very effective for all manner of conditions and are becoming a staple of the medical community.

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