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What Is Necessary to Have Available For Your Funeral Home Or Cemetery?

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When people talk about morgue supplies, they usually focus on the most important things that are necessary for an embalming service. They are most often referred to as death certificate supplies, body bags, and burial vials. These types of supplies can be purchased separately or as part of a funeral home or cemetery’s supply line. Since embalming is a service provided by a licensed funeral home or cemetery, it is a necessity to have these items.

morgue supplies

Death certificates are one of the most important morgue supplies. In order to embalm a body, the death certificate must be turned in along with the body. These certificates will list the cause of death as well as where and how the body was embalmed. Most counties will have this information available online. When purchasing death certificates, it is always important to be sure that the certificate is from a reputable source and that the information is accurate.

Most counties will also include death certificates with funeral service programs. These certificates are usually required at the time of service and must be obtained by the officiant. These certificates should be filed and included with all funeral announcements. The purpose of the certificate is to record the death so that the family can have the proper paperwork. As a cremation service is conducted, these certificates are often given to the funeral home. They are usually stored in a separate place and are not given to the family during the memorial service. Since these certificates are needed to complete the funeral service, it is important to have them on hand for that purpose.

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